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Writing project

Every morning on my way to work I write a new short piece of fiction. This is done during a 15-minute window on the bus, and the pieces are almost always improvised from one preliminary idea.

Now available: 'This Won't Take Long' short story collection

This Wont Take Long ebook cover.jpg

One hundred really short stories you can read on a commute, during a lunch break or in the bathroom, not that anyone ever reads anything there.

What's unique about this book: The pieces are divided into seven categories (Relationships, Politics, Family, Pop Culture, Work, Travel and ?) and were each written during a 15-minute bus ride to work.

Some are funny, some are sweet, some are disturbing. They're all intended to be entertaining, thought-provoking and leave you wanting more. Start from the beginning or jump to whichever categories appeal to you most.

Highlights include:

-- A bank robber realizes one of the hostages is his childhood best friend in "Tunnel" 
-- America's political leaders depart for another planet in "Goodbye, Morons" 
-- Pet store animals debate the merits of "A Dog's Purpose" in "Critics' Row"
-- A 6-year-old asks his parents what God looks like in "Filler"
-- A garbageman develops a crush on the other guy in the truck in "The Drop-Off"

Thanks to anyone who checks it out, and if you do please consider sharing a review on Amazon/Goodreads. I'm really proud of this collection and am excited to have it out there!

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Matt Pais